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The warranty does not apply in the following
Natural wear.
The product was installed in violation of the installation instructions, if the product is completed with it.
Product damaged due to improper installation.
The product was damaged due to improper use of the vehicle.
The product is damaged due to incorrect selection of spare parts. The seller is responsible for the correct selection. If the buyer chooses the goods on his own, then all responsibility lies with the buyer, and the seller has the right to demand a receipt from him. In this case, the product is non-refundable.
The product has been prematurely worn due to the reuse of fastening parts.
How to change tires on a car?
A car tire is one of the most important transmission elements, on which the reliability of contact with the roadway, as well as the ability to absorb vibrations, depends. Ultimately, the quality of a tire determines how well the car holds on the track, how long the braking distance is, and how likely it is to skid or hydroplan.
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